Bald Eagle

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Length: 27 to 43 inches Wingspan: 71 to 98 inches Weight: 4.4-13.6 lb

Adult: Destinctive white head, and white tail, with dark brown body. Immature: lacks the white head, and white tail, and is often mistaken for the Golden Eagle. The white head and tail will not be complete until the fifth year.

The Bald Eagle is the largets raptor in Utah.


The bald eagle enters Utah in November, and leaves to nest in March, although a few reports of bald eagles nesting in Utah have come from the Uinta and Manti Mountains.


The Bald Eagle has become the symbol of American freedom. They are perhaps the most beautiful of Utah's raptors.

Their diet consists of fish, but shifts when they enter Utah. Here they have been known to eat everything from carrion and hunting such prey as rabbits.

The bald eagle nests in trees, although they have been known to nest in cliffs. Their nests are often significantly larger than those of the Golden Eagle. In Vermilion Ohio a bald eagle nest was reported to have been 8.5 ft. long and 12 ft. tall. It weighed about 2 tons!

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