The Golden Eagle

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Length:27-35 incehs;
Wingspan: 72-90 inches.
Weight: 6.6-14 lb

The golden eagle is the largest of Utah's resident raptors. It is often mistaken for the immature bald eagle.
Color: Brownish black.

Golden eagles have a distinctive "golden" crown
Iris color ranges from a dark to light brown. Older birds will usually have a paler color to their eyes.

The cere (area just behind the beak) on a golden eagle is bright yellow, while the cere on an immature bald eagle is darker, ranging from black to gray and only turning yellow on the adult.

The Golden Eagle has huge powerful feet, with feathers that extend down the leg to the tows. These feathers are usually paler than the body feathers.



State Wide. Most common in open country, and desert regions.

COMMENTS: Golden eagles are highly intelligent, and they can become very friendly in captivity.

They often hunt from the air, and are very agile flyers. Although their favorite prey consists of ground mammals (usually rabbits), they are capable of taking birds in flight.

The golden eagle most often nests in cliffs, but will also use trees, and unlike the bald eagle, the golden will even nest on man-made structures such as power poles.

See the Golden Eagle's Photo Gallery!

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