james.jlcarroll.nethttp://james.jlcarroll.net/2018-06-25T11:39:42ZPage on Genealogy addedtag:james.jlcarroll.net:/genealogy//I have added a page on genealogy, with information on the Carroll, Mecham, McLean, and Ricks family lines.I have updated my private picturestag:james.jlcarroll.net:/picturesPrivate//I have updated my private pictures, and I have added many more pictures of Samuel. If you need the username and password, send me an email.Review of "Rough Stone Rolling"tag:amateurscriptorians.blogspot.com:/2009/02/rough-stone-rolling-review.html/I posted a review of Rough Stone Rolling.Moving to smugtag:smug.jlcarroll.net://I have moved my web page over to use smug, a content management system. For more information on smug see <a href="http://www.mcnabbs.org/andrew/smug/">http://www.mcnabbs.org/andrew/smug/</a>. Please help me out by pointing out anything that is no longer working. Thanks!Testing Smug Outtag:james.jlcarroll.net://I am testing a copy of smug on my system. It is not yet life, seeing if the feeds work.... category test.