Carroll's Aquatics

Carroll's Aquatics

My wife got me started keeping fish, but I think that I quickly became more interested than she is. She tends to keep large fish in a large show tank. It is very beautiful. I on the other hand tend to like breeding fish, so I have lots of ugly tanks spread all arround the house. My favorite fish to breed is the guppy. They breed like crazy, and they are beautiful, with many challenging genetical quirks. Tracking the genetics, crossing the fish, and creating the traits that you want can be difficult but rewarding.



Guppy Breading

I keep "fancy" guppies, but my primary target is for home hobbyists, not show competition guppies. Show guppies are very inbred, and are often very fragile. My fish are more hardy. I do have one strain that is an IFGA show guppy but I don't claim that my fish are competition quality. If you want competition breeding stock I can recommend several great breeders, including one local to Salt Lake City. If that's what you are looking for, give me a call.

I keep three strains of guppies:

Tequila Sunrise.

Tequila Sunset.

IFGA Grigsby Snakeskin.

I am also working on a few hybrids

Yellow Snakeskins (cross with Grigsby for finage and tight snakeskin, and with tequilas for color and hardiness).

Live Plants:

Availability varries

Java Fern

Java Moss

Broad Leafed Water Sprite

Narrow Leafed Water Sprite

Water Wisteria

External Links:

Bulliten Boards This is a wonderful place to ask questions and get answers to all your fish related needs. Their bulliten board is especially useful.

Guppy Clubs International Fancy Guppy Association. Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates.

Show Quality Guppy Breaders

IFGA breeder advertising

Rick Grigsby sells show quality guppies in Salt Lake City Utah, send me an email and I can give you his contact information.