Heidi and James's Virtual Wedding Invitation


Hear what people are saying about this wondrous occasion:


Marriage. . . Marriage is what brings us together today.

Bride's Family:

"Your Grandmother is going to Kill you!" (Lynne McLean)

"Wow that 'one year' went by fast." (Herb McLean)

"Cool" (Clark McLean)

"Do I need to have a talk with him?" (Isaac McLean)

"And your parents said what?" (Angela McLean)

"You didn't marry Mr. Ho..." (Uncle Terry)

"They are all over each other!!!!" (Melanie Helm)

Groom's Family:

"Not so SOON!!!" (Gwen Carroll)

"It's about time" (Jim Carroll)

"He is marrying who?" (Terry Carroll)

"Hmm" (Lynda Strebeck)


By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy, if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."  (Socrates)

"I always knew that they had it coming" (Jared Jacobson)

"Uhhhh hhhhuuuhhhh. . . ." (Dave Wingate)

"Does this mean that they are exclusively dating?" (Adam Monteith)

"I don't get it, steak dinner?" (Cami Slade)

"Show us that one more time???" (Cami and Adam)

"And I was only in China for four months" (Chelsea Christensen)

"This is so cool!!!" (Bethel Henseker)

"You are weird." (David Grigsby)

"I guess that this means that Piper will be missing out?" (Keith Despain)

"Does Bob and Fran know?" (Neil Toronto)

"Drat! And I cut my hair and everything" (Shawn Summers)

"YEAH!!! Way to go James!" (Elizabeth Woolley)