Registration Information

Registration Information


Target registration info list can be found here.

We will tell you more about Dillards registration when we figure it out.


"Well, I never did understand this part of wedding culture.  In buying all my gifts, I never looked at someone's registry, and (honestly) didn't really know about them.  I guess that it always felt that it was a little tacky to be telling someone what kind of gifts that they should be getting for you.  In any event, we went and registered at Target, and we are planning to register at Dillard's later this week.  This allowed us to pick colors etc that we plan to put in our home, so I guess that this whole "registering" thing is an ok tradition after all.  Target was especially fun, they have this neat little scanner gun, that you wander around the store and scan the items that you would like someone to get you for your wedding.  This was quite the experience, like compiling a large Christmas wish list that we are sending to Santa, or like buying things, but not getting to take them home yet, and not having to pay for them.... strange customs that we humans have, but hey... anyway... I even broke away from Heidi, and registered for a Star Trek Lego set when she wasn't looking.  Given my wacky set of friends, I might actually get it, who knows.  I just hope that my more conservative family friends won't wig out too much when they see it on the list of what we registered for.  We know that we registered for a lot of stuff, some cheep, some more expensive, our idea was to let people have a wide variety of what they want to give to us."


"I don't have anything that I really want to say..... :-)   "